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Accounting & Auditing

Sheehan Accounting & Auditing Practice provides services to a vast number of industries and professions, many of which require the application of unique accounting principles. As a Sheehan client, you are assigned a Service Team, which specializes in your industry.

The same team of professionals is always working for your business. We develop an overall strategy based upon the characteristics of your business, which provides for efficient and cost-effective engagements. Sheehan provides the following accounting and auditing service categories:




Sheehan provides the following traditional accounting and auditing services to small, medium and large businesses:


  • Compilations

  • Reviews

  • Business audits

  • Not-for-profit audits

  • Government audits

  • Single audits

  • Employee benefit plan audits



Often businesses are faced with the need to have additional services performed, which Sheehan can also provide. These special engagements include:


  • Agreed-upon procedures

  • Forecast and Projections

  • Internal control studies

  • Compliance audits

  • Personal financial statements

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