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Litigation Support Services

Over the last several years, the frequency of employing litigation to resolve conflicts has dramatically increased. Assistance from Sheehan's highly qualified team of litigation support consultants will help you to minimize the frustrations associated with any lawsuit.


We offer valuable advice to counsel for plaintiffs and defendants and serve in the capacity of both expert witnesses and consultants. Judges and jurors respect our practical experience and appreciate our ability to explain complex matters in an understandable fashion. Attorneys welcome our professional demeanor, integrity and objectivity. As CPAs, we have the specialized skills to evaluate complicated financial data and the expertise to prepare comprehensive analysis designed to identify and quantify economic damages.


Our litigation support consultants assist counsel in preparing for trial or settlement. As consultants, we are trained to look beyond the numbers and consider the realities of each situation, and our involvement is often essential in determining the case's strengths and weaknesses and in developing appropriate strategy. When financial, accounting, tax and investigative issues are involved in litigation, a seasoned team of experts can be crucial to your case. The specialists at Sheehan & Company use in-depth forensic knowledge, current resources and professionalism to provide the winning edge throughout case negotiations.


We will provide the framework of your case, enhance discussion and debate, and assist in dispute resolution.



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