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Congratulations to Sheehan’s 2021 Promotion Class!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Sheehan clients and community,

We are honored to recognize the below class of leaders joining the ranks of Principal, Manager and Supervisor. This group of promotes represent the diverse expertise, knowledge, and achievements across our firm.

We applaud each one of these individuals for their commitment to our values and to our business. We also want to recognize and thank our clients who have supported them along their career journeys thus far. We have ambitious plans for the future of Sheehan and look forward to these individuals leading the way!

Alyson Terwilliger – Principal

Stephanie Handel – Principal

John Hermus – Principal

Jonathan Beekman – Manager

John Riservato – Supervisor

Megan Scotti – Supervisor

Kimberly Toole – Supervisor

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